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Kinosbornik is global movie supply depot. That's what we'd like to consider this website. It really is a dumping ground for people who love or even breathe and eat movies. If you're a big movie bug this is the place for you because if you know of any free movie links this is the place to share them. If you, on the other hand, are looking to watch videos and don't know of any good links for the movies that you're trying to view this is the place for you too. This is a website that is really animated by our love for everything and anything related to the movies.

At least, understand that global movies come and go and it really is a shame that a lot of amazing cinematographic and cinematic masterpieces out there do not get anywhere near the kind of attention they should get. There's just so many underrated and underappreciated works of cinematic art out there. And I'm not just talking about the United States here, I'm talking about Europe, Southeast Asia, Asia, South Asia, Africa: you name it. In fact, in Africa alone, Nigeria cranks out so many movies every single year, and if you ask majority of Americans don't even know that these amazing movies exist.


Don't be surprised if your, otherwise, obscure movie that had previously been downloading only a few dozen times start getting thousands of downloads. This is not a fantasy. This is not a theory nor it is speculation. What I just shared with you actually happens.

I'm not saying that every single movie produced all over the world is worth your attention.

Nobody can make that claim because, hey! Let's get real here, a lot of movies are garbage, okay?

I said it, but that fact does not in any way, take away from the other fact that there are so many awesome movies out there that simply do not get the kind of attention that they fully deserve. This is why Kinosbornik.net was built. Even if you are a small independent movie producer or director, you can share your movie links here. The best part is if billion people find your link here they can put it on their social media page: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Vineo, and other flat forms. The more flat forms your link goes to, the higher the chance that you will continue to get shared and shared and shared again.

This is not a theory nor it is speculation. What I just shared with you actually happens. In fact, this has happened several times in the past. There are many arts students who uploaded a link of a small movie that they produced on a budget. It was a fairly straightforward, short, amateurish type of a production but after they shared it on this website they got a lot of people who actually wanted to pay good money to watch their movie. I wish I could tell you that the good news ended there. Wait there is more! One of these movies got such a cult following that an actual Hollywood producer contacted the director and have that person direct an actual Hollywood-produced movie.

Production process

This is how, Kinosbornik.net makes an impact.

We understand that there is tremendous amount of talented people out there and unfortunately, this quite a tragedy that the vast majority of them do not get anywhere near the attention their talent deserves. If whether you are in to making movies, watching movies, or distributing movie links this is your online home.

Global movies are our specialty. By global, I'm talking about non-English language movies Don't let this turn you off. It turns out that 60% of the movie links we share here are English language movies. I'm not talking about subtitles either, they're just primarily in English. Still, a large chunk of the movie links we trade here are global in origin.

We're All About Community

We understand that great ideas when shared blow up in power, value and consequence. We truly believe this, and this is why we foster an exclusive community of movie lovers here. People who participate in the community can issue group ratings of movies. These group ratings are said to be social proof. The more people rate a particular movie the more others would think movie is legit enough for them to want to watch.

Social proof is a big deal. Just how big? Well, let me ask you a question, when was the last time you went to a new town or a new city and walk by a restaurant that had absolutely no people eating in it. Having people wanted to it there, eventually to guess, the chances of that happening is exactly zero. Most people have a subconscious bias regarding empty restaurants that they haven't visited before. Why? At the back of their head they're thinking, the reason why there's no people there is maybe the food sucks. That's how most people think.

Same thing goes, if you pass by the exact same restaurant and you notice that not only the interior of the restaurant is full but there is a line stretching around the block of the restaurant.

In that situation, you probably would be intrigued. You probably would be thinking, "If people are willing to wait long hours just to enjoy this food, it must be good." So, what do you do? That's right! You'd fall into line.

This is how social proof works and we use the community movie rating system here as a form of social proof so we can jump-start the careers of deserving film-makers and film-producers, as well as actors and actresses from all over the world.

A lot of our community members are actually expert social media marketers. They know how to create buzz; get people excited; connect people on deep emotional level. This is why we have set up this website as a community resource for sharing movie resources. Think of us as a cinematic resource within a resource within a resource. Whether you are sharing links; critics; or actors’ directors’, producer’s profiles and biographies this is the place for you.

Welcome home!

Don't Waste your Money on Bunk Movies Ever Again

I wish I could tell that if Hollywood spent hundreds and millions of dollars on a movie then that movie is a guaranteed slam dunk, as far as quality is concerned. I wish I could tell you that just because a movie has a high production price tag, that fact alone, makes sure that movies are worth watching. Unfortunately, none of these statements are true. There are lots of well-finance piles of garbage out there. When you go through our materials and you check our group reviews you can arm yourself with the right information so you never, ever, end up wasting your money on worthless movies ever again.

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