What is this website about? What is the main motivation behind this website?

I mean after all, there are all sorts of websites that share all sorts of torrent links and website network links and even YouTube video links. What makes this so special? What makes this website so different from every other movie resource site out there? It's not like this is the first-time people have compiled all sorts of critics, reviews, and movie links all in the same website.

Well, you have to understand that we do not pride ourselves nor do we define ourselves primarily in terms of the number of links we have. We are sure that other websites have a lot more links; a lot of other websites have a larger collection of international movie links. Sets of movie portal or resource sites, apart from the rest of the competition, lies in the community that we have. We foster critics, social proof, social base indicators that give people the right blend of information so they can make better decision as far as movie-making and movie-watching is concerned.

Making a mistake, there is a big problem out there. The problem should be obvious to you if you watched movies. What is the problem? If you see one bad movie after another it gets old really quickly. Who likes to waste money and time? Unfortunately, if you go to typical review places like Rottentomato or Metacritic, it's very easy to get misdirected; to get sold a Billy goods.

I don't want to sound conspirator in here, but it’s not a secret that a lot of movie studios actually employ social media influencers. Don't let the neutral label throw you off. These people are actually paid propagandas. That's what they do, they crank up propaganda and they're good at it. In fact, it's not unusual for people to be propagandize and have their minds conditioned, without then knowing that this is somewhat happening. They didn’t know what’s happening.

This happens all the time and it may seem like people are just posting random stuff on Instagram, talking about everything under the sun, but it turns out that they're actually conditioning you; starting make you think about certain hashtags; trying to influence you to view certain types of movies in a certain way. At the very least, they influence you to think in terms of categories.

We didn't want to play any of these games. We wanted a website that dealt with real reviews from real people who really love movies. You may be thinking that this is not really a statistically represented group of people. We don't care!

What we care about is that there is some sort of social proof, so that you don't get ripped off.

We know you work hard for your money; that for every green scrap piece of paper on your wallet you put in a quite bit of time, effort, energy and mental focus. It really would be a shame to see all of that go up in smoke because you just fell to all sorts of positive reviews, creatively and cleverly market it online. We don't play any of those games. You get it here straight, cut, and crystal. This is the real deal.