Are Movie Directors Overrated?

Usually, when movie fans get together, it's doesn't take long until the names Coppola, Kubrick and Nolan get mentioned. Throw under the Ridley Scott or James Cameron to round things out a bit. If you have older people in the crowd, you would probably hear the name Cecil B. DeMille mentioned or even Orson Welles. The reason for this, of course, is the fact that directors are larger than life personalities and when they handle a project it's only a matter of time until their creative DNA pretty much zips into and fully infiltrates every single DNA strand of the project.

It's very easy to tell whether a movie was directed by Francis Ford Coppola or George Lucas, but with that said, do directors deserve all that acclaim. Can a Star Wars movie, and I'm talking about the only good ones which is the first three that were made, okay? Let's not have any illusions yet. Will they have been the same. If they were directed by somebody else and this is the point where people get a little touchy, because you have to understand that in the world of movies people do tend to develop cults of personalities.

It's easy to see cults of personality that plays this like China during the cultural revolution. There are posters of Chairman Mao all over the place. People were calling him the Great Helmsman of China. Everything was all about Mao, Mao, Mao. That's all well in good, at least when it comes to politics or in that case communist politics that people failed to sleep in the same dynamics are at play when it comes to creative people.

I can' even begin to tell you how many times I almost got into cursing wars with people online because they're so excited about a particular actor. The moment you raise a particularly bad acting job or a particularly forgettable movie done by that actor all hell breaks loose. You will see how people telling you, "How dare you!" then I keep thinking to myself, "How dare I say reality? How dare I keep it real? How dare I put some evidence right in front of people's face so they hopefully can break up?"

Now, I don't do this to be obnoxious but a little bit of perspective is definitely a border because, otherwise, it's very easy to fall into this cult thinking and it's really dangerous because if you believe that a director is beyond the screwing, reproach, or error then get ready to throw good money after bad. Seriously, it really is that simple because these people if you think that they are infallible and they can't do any wrong and are going to crank out bad movies ever once in a while.

I wish I could tell you that all the James Cameron movies are like the Titanic, they're not. I wish I could tell you that George Lucas only creates gems. You only need to look at that really horrible Jar Jar movie installment of Start Wars to understand that this is not true. That's the big danger of cults of personalities.

At the end of the day you're still a mature, responsible adult who has to take full control and remain responsible for your thinking processes. You're expected to do that because you're an adult. Think accordingly; act accordingly. So, if you're still asking if movie directors are overrated, after the discussion above, then the inescapable answer is an obvious yes. In fact, in many cases, the answer is hell yes!