Please contact today! I'm not asking for money or any kind of emotional support. Instead, I am asking you, if you are in any way, become disappointed with this website let me know; get the message across; get it off your chest; speak up. I'm not going to censor, edit or discourage you from opening my eyes to whatever it is that you find wrong with this website.

You have to understand that the people behind this website are mature, grown-up people. Being part of a grown-up, mature adult means that you are able to take criticisms; you understand that, given how the world works, there will always be room for improvement. There is no such thing as perfection.

Now, just because we strive for perfection doesn't necessarily mean that we have to reach it. We are mature and adult enough to know that perfections is exactly some sort of mental illusion. It's supposed to hold us to higher standards, motivate us, and push us forward.

a message

There is a big difference here and just like with other mature, responsible adults we know that we will never get there. That's why we don’t beat ourselves up trying; we don't set ourselves up for disappointment.

Now with that said, there is a practical level of quality that we are aiming for. At the very least, the links that you click on this website must take you to the right place. When you load a page, the full page must load. This includes pictures and movies. If you are trying to click on a link so you can download a movie or you can go to a place that enables you to download a movie you should be able to get what you came for.

If none of these is happening, please let us know, speak up. Please understand that you're probably not the first person to encounter that problem. Unfortunately, there would be many more people encountering that problem over and over again because you did not speak up when had the chance to. Your chance to speak up happens precisely when you click on a link and whatever it is that you expected did not come. Help us out. If this is the case, you notice that there are lots of missing pages or pages are not loading properly, please let us know. We would like to get to the bottom of the problem.

Unfortunately, we can't do everything here. As you can tell, lots of people submit links, all day, every day. We, ourselves scour the internet for links and the volume of links that we have builds up very quickly. Given this reality, it really would be unrealistic for our community to expect us to fully police our resources, that's just not going to happen. There are just so many different assets listed here and it would take forever for us to do that. Also, even though we're using sophisticated software, given the wide range of ways people link to content, this is not exactly a full proof solution.

Again, we appeal to the community to help us whip this website into shape. We know that it's working progress; there are many parts missing; there is still a tremendous amount room of improvement. We understand that. We get that. Believe us, we are working hard to take this website to the next level. Please, if you notice any kind of issue, regardless of what it is, let us know so we can work together take this website where it needs to go, in terms of quality and responsiveness to the community's needs.